Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quick...start counting before I fall!

I should have posted about this when it happened since it's such a big deal! A few days ago - November 17th to be precise, after months of practice leading up to the big moment, Vir Gogoi finally stood up on his own two feet and stayed there without support from anyone or anything. And stayed there for a full 12 seconds. This, obviously, is no ordinary feat. He knows this more than anyone else, judging by the absolutely wonderful grin on his face when as he balances himself and Vijay and I start to count up how long he can balance. He has this expression of pride at his accomplishment and joy that he's causing us to be so excited, and thrill at being the center of attention (it doesn't get old, does it?), that I cannot describe (I've been trying to catch it in a picture, and will put one up when I manage). And when he falls, it's normally because he starts laughing too hard, or because he turns himself too quickly to make sure Vijay's still watching.

Of course, ever since he first stood up hesitantly, his confidence has grown drastically, as yours would too if you practiced the skill approximately 700 times a day. I'm glad he's giving it his all though, since his two little feet have a long way to go. Touch wood.

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