Monday, February 25, 2008

I scream, you scream...

Honestly, Vir has only seen an ice cream cup once in his life until today. Yet, he recognized it when I bought one for him today and couldn't contain his excitement till I put the first spoonful in his mouth. Literally, he almost jumped on to his high chair with a super excited little grin on his face, drooling away for the treat. While I don't think it's a problem that he likes ice cream, or that it will give him a sore throat or that it's too much sugar as long as it's an occasional thing, I really wish he would show even half the excitement for any other edible thing that I present to him. I've spent the last week cooking up all sorts of things for him, but no matter what it is (other than ice cream of course), it's met with the same reaction - a very dramatic and disgusted look while the aforementioned edible item is pushed out of his mouth as if it's Waterbury's Compound (the most evil of all compounds). Both Baggdu and I are putting on weight because we're constantly having to finish off everything that Vir is rejecting. Meanwhile, my ideals about how a kid should know the rules and eat what's on the table are crashing around me...I can see the tiny pieces. This is what a kid can do...wear you down to a point where you're willing to give him a cup full of sugar just so he'll eat something at all.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some things I can tell you about my little one-year-old self

  1. I always wake up smiling. If I'm not smiling, it means I have been woken up wrongly. This is wrong, and makes me grumpy.
  2. I have a Donald Duck that I'm absolutely in love with. Donald Duck is currently facing stiff competition from my yellow bath Duckie, who I like to hold in my hand and sleep.
  3. When I drink milk, I need my mom or dad's cheek to pull at the same time. Milk just doesn't taste the same without a soft part of my parents to pull at.
  4. I love to dance. I'm not selective about my music - I'll dance to pretty much anything although I do make sure to change my moves according to the music.
  5. Sometimes, when I don't get what I want the way I want it, I like to throw myself on the floor and scream loudly. So far, this hasn't worked, but I can't believe it won't. I will keep trying.
  6. I love drawers and cupboards - they always open up to reveal mysterious and fun things to pull out and collect on the floor. There's a really cool medicine drawer in my house that could give Disneyland a run for it's money.
  7. I do not like winter clothing. I'd rather be naked.
  8. I like Baggdu very much. He's what they call a "dog." He's furry and friendly and I like the tickly feeling when he licks my hand.
  9. Tubes of toothpaste fascinate me endlessly. They're soft and squishy and so much fun to hold in my hand - all the time. In fact, I have spent today walking around with a tube of blue toothpaste that I WILL NOT part with.
  10. I can roar like a tiger; sometimes, better than a tiger.
  11. I do not like being in a car. When I'm in a car, and noone is making desperate attempts to keep me entertained, I can make life pretty difficult.
  12. I love the look on my mom's face when I blow out the food she puts in my so - phrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And again....phrrrrhhhhhhhh. See?! Fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Doctor's Toys

We had a really fun evening at Shroopie's yesterday. Vir had such a blast and tired himself out so much that he's pretty much been sleeping since then. Not caring about any social graces, he proceeded to thoroughly recce each cupboard and shelf in her room and then the entire house as soon as he got in. His expeditions led to many great discoveries...mostly toys, least expected in the room of a soon to be doctoral degree holder. There were several blocks, a duck, a monkey, a kuala bear, a basketball, and a contraption to shoot blow darts with. Why didn't someone tell him about this place before?! The added benefit was that masi and nani were both much more willing than mom ever is to humor him and let him dig his nose into all the carefully arranged things in the house. Even nana didn't say a word when Vir casually interrupted his golf game on TV, changed the channel to music (thankfully, this is still unintentional! What will we do when he knows how to change channels?) and did a little jig. Vir also found his way to the kitchen, where all the action seemed to be, and casually chatted up Mithilesh bhaiya as he made rotis. It always pays to be on good terms with the chef.

He's lucky to have so many people to love him and be happy to have his antics in their house...I just hope he realizes that when he starts growing up. Meanwhile, I'm sure he's waiting for his next visit to this magical place where they don't seem to have heard the word "no" and there are toys in every drawer!

Monday, February 4, 2008

12 months!

He's sleeping now (yes, really!) so I can finally get around to writing about what my monkey of a kid can now do. The list isn't long, but it's pretty significant!
  • WALK!!! He took his first 3 steps on the 28th of Jan, just 3 days before his birthday. The first time he did it, he just walked a little on the bed. Later that evening, I was sitting at the table doing something or the other when I heard little footsteps - and there he was...making his way all the way across from the dining chair to his high chair which is at least 7 baby steps away. Yipee. Now that he knows this makes us happy, it's all he does all day. He can basically walk to whatever his goal destination is, no matter how far across the room. Of course he only aims for things that aren't too far away, and is constantly re-estimating the distance and changing his goal if it seems unachievable. Also, he lunges at the goal towards the end instead of actually taking the last three steps with a big smile on his devil may care face.
  • Throw tantrums. That's right - the inevitable has happened. I'll never know how, but he has figured out that sometimes, throwing yourself on the floor and crying bloody murder may get you what you want. I'm trying my best not to give in at all to this display of baby emotion, but I can tell you it's difficult. The temper tantrums are also invoked when things aren't going his way in general - for instance when he's trying to turn on the light and just can't hit the switch in the right place. What does he want me to do about that?

So he's finally hit the big 12 month mark. This year has been the most amazing, tiring, frustrating, happy, introspective, and life changing year that we'll probably ever have. Vijay and I are better and happier people because of it, and we wouldn't trade a minute of the experience for anything. Now if only, we could go watch a movie like the old times just this once:-)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Vir's First Year

March April
August September
We're all really proud of you, little one.