Monday, November 19, 2007

We're all going to die..

...or so one would think from the panic in me right now. Mashui, the lady who looks after Vir while I work has taken him to meet a Mizo family who lives just upstairs. She's from Mizoram herself and goes upstairs once in a while to say hello to them. I guess they wanted to meet Vir. But though I told her it's okay, I have had all imaginable thoughts about what the big wide world where I have sent him without my attendance will do to him. The somewhat logical side of me says that Mashui has never been careless with him so far, and will be careful with him, and besides, she'll be back in 5 minutes as promised, and after all, I must learn to let go a little, and of course, he's getting to be quite a big boy now, and I'm literally 18 steps away from him if I take the staircase if something goes wrong, and no, they won't really smoke in front of him because I specifically told them they couldn't, just after I told her she couldn't take him into the balcony. Crap, I forgot to tell her she shouldn't give him anything to eat though. But she knows not to, right? And besides, this might actually be good for start meeting other people and become a little more social, a little more used to other faces. But I don't really know them. And it's taken me at least 5 minutes to write this. Add that to the 3 minutes I spent standing on the balcony to try and hear what was going on upstairs and you have a solid 8 minutes that he has spent upstairs. I'm going to force myself to wait another 5 minutes before I sprint up and check. Just so I know he's okay. Of course, now we all know I'm a little crazy.

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