Monday, November 12, 2007

First Diwali

Vir's first Diwali was on the 9th of this month. We went to Dehradun to spend it with my parents - we always try to make sure we're together on Diwali. It's very predictable - my dad directing the installation of lights on the roof and boundary wall, my mom and I wrapping gifts for people, Vijay eating all the dry fruit out of the bowl on the dining table, and Powder barking at each and every cracker pre-, during-, and post-Diwali. The evening is always the same too - dad, Vijay, and I put candles on every blank surface outside the house while my mom makes the mandir pretty for the evening arti.

Things were a little different this time. For one, my mom had a tiny, 9 month-old helper in her mandir. He sat with her the entire time and busied himself taking out brass diyas from every corner he could crawl into and generally rearranging everything in the mandir. Mum didn't mind at all, but only because it was Vir. Heaven save anyone else who dares to touch anything at all in there. The arti was a little different too, since Vir noisily joined in in the not-very-professional-to-begin-with singing. The customary photo session also had him as the little addition in each and every picture.

All in all, I think he fit really well into the Gandhi family Diwali routine. I hope he grows to love and cherish the "same old" Diwali evenings as much as I do.

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Bhavna said...

He is standing!!! I need to meet him soon before he leaves for college!