Thursday, May 31, 2007

Four Months!

Here we are, at the 4 month mark. I cannot believe how time is flying. Here's the list of things he can now do:
  • Reach out for things held out in front of him, or even to his side and get it right almost always

  • Put everything possible in his mouth

  • Laugh

  • Turn over on his stomach and stay that way for at least 2-3 minutes at a time

  • Laugh when I mock swing him in the air and express dissatisfaction when I stop

  • Hold up his head really well and even turn fully to look another way when on someone's shoulder

  • Hold entire conversations in gurgle speak

  • Turn in the direction of sound

  • Recognize my voice, I think

Can you believe it?

First train journey

On the 29th of May, 2007! I was so nervous that he'd be cranky and noisy and painful. But he was an angel! I took his car seat and stuck it in the train seat, so he was on familiar ground. That, plus the fact that it was morning sleepy time, plus the rocking of the train did the magic. He slept almost all the way through except for one little meal and 20 minutes of playing. So, not the most educational experience, but a very peaceful one. I have my fingers crossed that the way back will be equally easy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dr. Seuss is my friend

I had a really great trip to the bookstore the other day, ostensibly to buy books for Vir but really, I thought they would be more for me because he's so young for books. I got that one wrong! He LOVES them. I should have discovered Dr. Seuss as a kid, but he's as much fun for adults - so it's so much fun reading his books out to Vir. Shroopie and Ajesh have discovered Dr. Seuss too and now also keep buying books - also "ostensibly" for Vir!! I can't blame them. Who can resist a book that reads:

You can think up some birds
That's what you can do
You can think about yellow
Or think about blue

You can think about red
You can think about pink
You can think up a horse
Oh, the THINKS you can think!

Oh think thinks you can think up
If only you try
If you try, you can think up
A guff going by!

Vir has a great time with the colors and the rythm in all of Dr. Seuss' books. And I have a wonderful time watching him respond the way he does. I know reading time will always be my favorite! I hope he always loves it the way he does now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I can say Koka

Vir met his grandfather again. Put up a really good show too. Though he can't say 'koka' (the assamese word for granddad) yet, I think he really wants to:-) It was nice to see them spend time together. I got some great pictures. Teta says he's lucky to have seen his grandson in his lifetime. I think it's the other way round. Vir is very, very lucky to have had all his grandparents waiting right outside the operation theater where he was born. Right after he met me, he met his dad, nani, nana, aita, and koka. Who can beat that?!

The other big, no - huge - thing that happened since I last posted - Vir can now roll over on to his tummy all by himself! (ta-daaah!) That happened on the 8th of May for the first time, and now it's almost a daily thing. I'd like to say he loves to do it, but it's really more of an accident most of the time when he's turning his head in all directions in the hope of finding some milk. He actually hates it since he gets his arm stuck under his tummy when he rolls over and doesn't know what to do about it except lie there with a really sad expression on his face till I yank his arm out and roll him back over. I'm worried that his arm and chest muscles won't be strong enough if he doesn't spend enough time on his tummy. Teta says I'm expecting too much out of a three month old. That may be true, I suspect. Anyway, will update this space as more happens!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

How could you do this to me?!

I tried to give Vir a bottle of Lactogen today since I think he should get used to a bottle as well as different kind of milk. He was so shocked and betrayed and cried bloody murder for at least 30 minutes with this horrible expression on his face! After 40 minutes of coaxing on my part and crying on his, he managed to drink one ounce. Oh well, I guess you can call that something.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Three Months!

Yay! Vir is three months today. Q1 of his life is officially over. Planning for Q2 has begun. He's super friendly now, and is loads of fun. Let's see...he can now do the following:

  • Recognize me, and I think, recognize Vijay

  • Give Vijay a huge smile and lots of gurgling when he gets back from work

  • Wake up happy in the morning and gurgle at me for a bit

  • Squeal in delight

  • Express himself in at least 20 different tones of voice

  • Concentrate on small objects

  • Express his preference for sitting propped up on my lap rather than lying down so he can see things the right way up

  • Gather up the front of his shirt and stuff it in his mouth

  • Grab and object if you place it on his chest and take it to his mouth

  • Suck either one or both of his hands for a really long time!

So, lot's of progress, as you can see:-). I wonder what this list will have on it next month!