Friday, July 29, 2011


Vir and Tara were playing under the dining table this evening and eating a "picnic" of sprouts! Yes, even sprouts are fun when you're allowed to have them on pillows and blankets spread under your little dining table house with all your toys! I'm a genius. But that's not the's what he asked us...

"My tummy is hurting a little bit. Do you think a baby will come out of there?"

Hard to keep a straight face when you get questions like that!

You'll never know, my boy, that a baby doesn't happen with a "little bit" of pain. And trust me, you'll be in a lot of pain if you suggest that to the one day mother of your baby! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun with phonetics

Vir's class is in the middle of learning the "m" sound in Hindi these days. He brought home a little worksheet that had pictures of Hindi words starting with the "m" sound that we were going through together.

Me: look, magarmachch. What's the sound?
Vir: m
Me: and machchar. What's the sound?
Vir: m
Me: and makkdi. What's the sound?
Vir: m
Me: and machchli. What's the sound?
Vir: m
Me: and matar. What's the sound?
Vir: tarrrrr

Just when I thought he was answering without thinking!
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ah to be little again!

It amazes me the things they come up with. They take things so literally and totally at face value!

Vir: mamma, which school did you go to when you were small?
Me: I went to lots of different schools because nana was in the army and we had to shift a lot.
Vir: Shift?
Me: ya, like move from one place to another. We had to shift homes.
Vir: But mamma, how did you push the house so far?


Vir: mamma, what are you reading? Is this your new book?
Me: yes.
Vir: who wrote it?
Me: a person called Amitav Ghosh
Vir: but how do you read?
Me: you just learn to spell all the words as you keep going to school and then you can read. Like see his name spells A-M-I-T-A-V. You know he lives in New York too.
Vir: really? But then how did he send the book to you?

It's so cute that he thinks like this! But also a little scary because it probably means he takes everything I say seriously and I don't always say the right things. Of course in time Vir will figure out that what one says isn't always exactly what one means. But I hope this simplicity sticks around for as long as possible, even if it means I finally have to learn to watch what I say and curb my hyperbolic tendencies for a while!
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