Friday, May 29, 2009

Conversation between brother and sister

Vir: Tara, aapko shop se kya chahiye? (Tara, what do you want from the
Tara: Stares blankly and not even at Vir
Vir: Chocolate? Chocolate chahiye (Do you want a chocolate?)
Tara: Changes expression but only slightly and still doesn't look at
Vir: Theek hai. Main chocolate le ke aata hoon. Theek hai? (Okay...I'll get
you a chocolate. Okay?)
Tara: Looks at not really.
Vir: Okay...main shop ja raha hoon! Bye! See you! Take care! Be good!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Never ceases to amaze

So the other day, Vir told me he wants to pee (yes, that day really has dawned!!) and I took him to the bathroom and sat him down on the pot. He followed his usual routine of suddenly wanting to jump off and not pee, then reaching back to flush while sitting there, then trying to rip out yards of toilet paper, then chatting about this and that, and then finally peeing.

No surprises till he finished and then announced loudly and clearly, "Marvelous....simply marvelous!!!"

Alright then. My two year old uses words like marvelous. What's next?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A star is born!

My little Tara is here. She arrived on the 9th of May and has been absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T since the minute she arrived. Oh how much I was wishing for a to start off the perfection, she fulfilled that wish. And what a wonderful little baby she is proving to trouble whatsoever. Vir thinks she's perfect too...that has a lot to do with the fact that she "brought along" with her two cars for him - a black one and a yellow one as requested all those months ago from the "chota baby" in mom's tummy. He was munching a muffin when he came to see his little sister in hospital the day after she was born and his first words to her were "Tara, aap muffin khaoge?" (Tara, would you like to eat a muffin?). Considering the huge change she has brought to his life, I think he's taking it extremely well so far. Minor signs of jealousy aside, he seems to be very fond of her already...he's always standing by her cradle and staring at her and wishing he was allowed to rock the cradle, he's endlessly fascinated by the fact that she has a head and little hands and feet and that she poops, he loves to help out with stuff like fetching her box of wipes and her diapers (usually he gets about 20 when I ask for one!), and he's constantly directing me to feed her because the whole concept of breastfeeding is also very new and totally fascinating for him!

As for me, I can't get over the fact that we now have two children and don't really know how to send out my message of thanks to God who has been so incredibly generous to us. This is exactly what I older boy and a younger girl with exactly this age gap in between them, because this is the family I grew up with and it was everything I could ask for. I hope very much that Vir and Tara will grow up in the same secure and happy way that we did and that one day they'll look back at their childhood and smile. Because that's when we'll know we did good as their parents. Till then of course, we're ready for the ride!