Sunday, March 7, 2010

On a roll!

My mom's cleaning lady, Leela, had no idea what she was starting when she taught Tara the "itne bade ho jaao" trick (see below). Addicted to the attention and non stop encore requests that her performances get her, Tara has increased her repertoire to include several new and adorable acts. Give her just a little signal that you're interested and she'll perform them all for you quite willingly. The untiring little trooper does not care how many times you have presented your request before. She understands your need for cuteness and she knows how to deliver. So the opening act is "itne bade ho jaao" and is followed up with a gleeful clapping of the hands, a look at the fan with big rounded eyes and a big "o" of a mouth that tries to say fan but manages "ppppppfffffffaaaa," and then a wave goodbye. Sometimes, she'll even pick up the phone and put it to her ear when you say hello. No surprises then that she has super TRP ratings as of now and is topping the charts here at the grandparents' house!

It's amazing, isn't it? The rest of us can clap and say "ppppfffffaaaa" till the cows come home and noone will care. But this little one is running full houses on her act and its her 3rd week running. I'm pretty sure she'll keep adding to her act and I'll be sure to report on her continuing success with the admiring public:-).