Friday, March 23, 2012

The sibling bond

Vir: Mamma, you know what's the biggest number?
Me: No (I really don't)
Vir: It's Lupeto
Me: Lupeto? What's that?
Vir: It's the biggest number. It's bigger than infinity. It's bigger than everything.
Me: Cool. Who told you about this number?
Vir: Yash (the current source of all wisdom)
Me: Great. So I love you Lupeto, Vir.
Vir: I love you Lupeto.
Me: And how much do you love Papa?
Vir: Lupeto
Me: And nana nani?
Vir: Lupeto
Me: And aita and koka?
Vir: Lupeto
Me: And Tara?
Vir: One hundred