Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lots of first times

So this has been a fairly eventful week for all of us, and not least for Vir. For one, he fell off the bed for the first time! On the 12th of September...I left him peacefully asleep with cushions on all sides on my (now thankfully low) bed and came back to check on him every 10 minutes or so. Somewhere during one of these 10 minute gaps, he woke up and decided to go on a little trip across the bed and then off it. My mom, who was in the next room, heard the thud-followed-by-wail and ran in to find him sprawled on the floor. He fell on his tummy, I think. He did cry a little and seemed a bit shaken, but, on the whole, I think he took it quite well.

The other first was a family vacation! We all went to Goa...so his first time by the sea. It was really great, although, unfortunately, I couldn't take him near the water because he came down with a high fever and a cough, probably because he's teething. Another first. He's been really cranky and unpredictable for the past few days and has developed a habit of sticking closely to me and bawling if I so much as move out of his direct line of sight for a few seconds. That's a little hard for me since I really can't be with him all the time, but luckily, I have my mom and sister in law around to help out and entertain him while I'm working. I hope this clinginess is just a phase. I think it is, because he's normally a pretty social baby and willing to be entertained by any of his willing admirers! All I need to see now is if this phase will outlast my back and my patience!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Looks matter

I think that children are so cute only because if they weren't, noone would put up with all the backbreaking, mindnumbing, and superfrustrating activities they put you through. Vir knows a lot of the tricks now. He knows that turning his head away at the very last moment as I bring a spoonful of painstakingly prepared khichdi so it goes splat on his cheek is fun because it gets a reaction from me. And the added benefit is that he doesn't have to eat it. He also knows playing at 1 in the morning is more fun than during the day, because it means he has both mom and dad to play with. He has figured out that pulling at the strands of hair on the very nape of mom's neck makes her scream the loudest. He knows he can wake up as many times as he wants at night and mommy will be there to help him back to sleep again. He knows that a fresh diaper is the most fun to poop in, that plastic bags are lots of fun, that mugs of hot tea must be pursued across the bed, and that newspapers are yummy. And he spends a lot of time putting this knowledge into practice. Yet, at the end of the day (or a long night), I can only look at him and smile. Can you imagine if he were not cute?