Friday, July 30, 2010

If he asks you, Superman does love daal!

Vir: Once there was a baby shark in an aquarium. He was very hungry. His mamma went to him and said what happened fish? Baby shark said I'm very hungry. So the mamma shark went to the big sea.

Me: And then what happened? This is a great story!

Vir: Hmm?

Me: You're telling me a story, right?

Vir: Yeah. Oh then....the mamma shark got the baby shark some meat!!!!!!!! (exclamations owned by storyteller)

And that's the exciting end to Vir's first ever coherent piece of original fiction! This is a very important development. Until now, his stories have typically taken sudden and very unrealistic turns. For example:
"...and the rabbit was crossing the river. And suddenly Superman came in and flew towards the rabbit and picked him up and flew into the sky!!!!! And then a car came and landed on the road and there was an askadent."
"I was going there and then there was a big fire and I flew to a lake and picked it up and threw it on the fire and I was so strong!!! And there was a car and another car and a Honda city and an askadent."
So Superman is obviously the latest obsession. He's Superman. I'm Spiderman. Tara is Supergirl. And there are a variety of Badmen throughout the day, including me when I tell him to do something he doesn't like. My dad seems to have started this obsession and he's paying for it dearly because he now has to spend hours (I really literally mean hours) making up Superman stories to tell him. You can tell he's reached the bottom of his story trunk because they're getting more and more boring. Some of them could really make you slip into a little Superman story induced short coma. I'm pretty sure that has happened to mom and me at least a couple of times. I know because I woke up dazed once and the last thing I remembered was Superman wanting to go to the bathroom and Vir not wanting to go. Or something like that.

The upside is that we're using Superman to great advantage. Vir loves doing stuff around the house now. If you want him to go throw something in the trash for example, you just need to give him a couple of seconds to put on his Superman outfit first so he can fly to the trash can. Or you can get him to eat his bowl of daal because that's obviously Superman's favorite food. One day of course, he'll know. But hopefully he would have consumed a fair bit of protein by then and Superman would have done his job to help this little kid:-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My little elf

"Mamma, I'm so helpful. I can cut your shirt into half so you can wear it and Tara can wear one too!"

(Note to self: do not leave scissors lying around. Might cut baby. Or baby might cut shirt for other baby.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

In a generous mood

Me to my mom: I think I'm going to go out for a bit...I need to go and get my eyebrows done.
Vir: No no mamma... when you and Tara and I go back to America, I can buy you some eyebroles.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So this is the longest that I've been away from this blog. We're going through the toughest phase we've seen so far and I've been terribly overwhelmed by what's going on in life right now. So far I've been thinking I can't possibly write about the kids till I've addressed how I'm feeling myself, either to myself or on this space. But perhaps that's not true. There's no reason for me to stop writing entirely, especially since it's the kids who're doing such a great job of getting us through this phase. I have never been more thankful to God for them as I am right now. So I'm going to do my best to keep at this blog up and about. The kids are definitely still doing their best to keep me and my family up and about:-)

More stories to follow, but here's one from Vir for now on a day when he was being particularly cranky and grumpy, more so because I was ignoring him:

Me: Vir, what's going on? What's bothering you?
Vir (without a moment's hesitation): You. You are bothering me, mamma.

Hasn't learnt to mince his words yet:-)