Saturday, December 1, 2007

10 months!

Here we are, just two months short of the big 1 year mark. It's been a big month in many ways. Here goes:
  • Vir can now (are you ready for this...?!) stand on his own! The record time is to the count of 18. I don't think this is the same as 18 seconds, because his nani was the one doing the counting, and she won't admit it, but she counted really fast! In any case, the point is that he can stand, and it's great, and he knows it, and he does it every waking moment.
  • He has learnt to give "huggies" to his many very-hungry-for-endless-huggies recipients. It's wonderfully cute - if you ask him for a hug, he gets a totally shy smile on his face, looks down, and launches himself at you with his arms wide open. It can make your day and all it's crap completely worth it - one of those huggies.
  • As of this morning, he has also learnt to kiss. Don't think he has figured out the word yet, but he will, if he chooses to, copy your little "wptchaah" sound and smile shyly at you. I got so excited when he did this for the first time, because I've been trying to teach him this for a month...I squealed loudly and scared him and made him cry. Maybe that's why he's not doing it too often.
  • The biggest thing this month is that he has demonstrated his ability to manage without me. I was out of town for 4 days, and he spent his time entertaining my parents, who came down to look after him. I missed him terribly - much, much more than I had imagined I would. He missed me too - especially the first night - he kept looking around for me and towards the door thinking I'll show up. But he got used to the situation, I think, or at least sort of resigned himself to it and was perfect the remaining days. One of the happiest memories of my life was his reaction when I got back and met him. I can't quite describe it but perhaps if you think of the thing that makes you think that nothing can ever go wrong because it's just so right, you'll know what I'm talking about. He has me wrapped around his little finger, that one.
  • Finally, the list of things and people that he can recognize is fast expanding. From fan and Baggdu, it has now grown to include papa, nana, nani, and Mashui didi. Sadly, it does not include mamma yet. He keeps saying it, but looks quite blank when you ask him where mamma is.

Each month, when I write this list, I am re-amazed at what a miracle this whole thing is and how great it is to see him unfold right in front of us and become his own little person. Now that I've weaned him off completely, this little person is truly ready to get on his own road and be on his way with all of us cheering him on, always.


Devika said...

ooohhh! this was the update i was waiting for.... :) big smiles all around, now that its here! :)

Vijay said...

As far as huggies go... he also gives a big one to hi Tigger soft toy.

Mermaid said...

Awwwwww! These are the moments that make everything worthwhile! Worth cherishing :-)