Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sleep training

I'm desperately in search of a foolproof way to get Vir to sleep on time at night. That's right - I dream of a day when I'll say "Goodnight, Vir" and he'll close his eyes, smile a peaceful little smile and be off to sleep for the entire night, leaving me with some alone time...with Vijay, with the TV, with my computer, and (somebody stop me) maybe even a book!

One of the tricks I tried last night was to lie down in bed with him and pretend to be fast asleep. I thought he'd eventually get bored playing by himself and fall asleep too. I was wrong. At first I thought I was on the right track. He tried all sorts of things to wake me up and get a reaction from me, including hanging by the headboard, crawling on my back, eating the blanket, and nipping at my arm. Then, he got bored and crawled next to me and lay down in exactly the same position as me to see if it was really as much fun as I made it look. Clearly, he didn't think so. It was only a couple of minutes from there till he found my hair and tugged out a few strands. Brave as I may be, I squealed in pain and that was the end of my wonderful plan. He figured out what got him a reaction and went all out to get it. I guess I don't need to tell you how the next couple of hours passed. He's catching up on the lost sleep now. I'll catch up in my next life.

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Devika said...

Only you can write the way you do!!! I love reading the entries here, as much for the drama of it all - Vir at centrestage - you a mere mommy (i mean, how difficult can it be to be one really!!!), as for how endearingly you write! Love it...to bits and pieces.

And the irregularity of your updates only add to the 'drama', particularly when I unexpectedly see a new story about Vir to relish!! Like this one!!! My day is complete!

Am a certified fan...truly.