Friday, November 2, 2007

9 months!

I'm two days late on this one. I guess it's okay since he hasn't done anything new in the last two days! He just played till really late at night and didn't let us sleep when we wanted to. But we all know that's nothing new!

So here goes. Vir can now do the following amazing things:

  • Smile a dazzling smile that's mostly gums and half of a tooth at people of his choosing. That's right - the razor edge from the 4th of October is now a little stubby half tooth.

  • Crawl! I'm particularly proud of this one because he gets it right like he read it in a book. He doesn't go backwards like some babies do, he doesn't fall, he doesn't creep. He gets down there and he crawls like a champ. Vijay and I couldn't be prouder. (We're not the most ambitious as parents go.)

  • Pull up to standing very easily and even cruise a couple of steps sometimes.

  • Say aaja. Well, he only said it that one time, but he can say it. He's not doing it just to mess with me.

  • Feed himself biscuits. He can pick up little pieces from his food tray and aim them towards his mouth. And chew and swallow them.

  • Climb vertical surfaces. Obviously he is not successful at this and this exercise always ends in a loud thud. He's proving my baby book right - he has more brawn than brains. This means Vijay and I have more grey hair and less peace.

This 9 month update is special for me because he has now officially spent as much time out in the world as in my tummy. Somehow, that means something. Also, in the last 9 months, he has firmly established himself as the center of our world and we cannot imagine what we thought was our reason for living before he came along.

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