Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vir's first encounter with organized religion...

It's not as ominous as I make it's actually super cute. Vir has learnt "mattha tekna" (bowing down) at a little table where I have a few idols of Gods in my house. He amazed me by picking this up as fast as he did. He was just standing by the table and resting his head there once and I smiled and called it "mattha tekna." Now, as soon as I ask him to do it, he gets a really serious expression on his face and runs to the table from whichever part of the house he is currently destroying and puts his head on it. And he doesn't come back up till someone applauds and congratulates him. Then, he proceeds to pick up the idols and attempt to throw them on the ground, or eat them. Lines between religious idols and toys are blurry to a one year old. I think God will understand :-)

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