Monday, February 25, 2008

I scream, you scream...

Honestly, Vir has only seen an ice cream cup once in his life until today. Yet, he recognized it when I bought one for him today and couldn't contain his excitement till I put the first spoonful in his mouth. Literally, he almost jumped on to his high chair with a super excited little grin on his face, drooling away for the treat. While I don't think it's a problem that he likes ice cream, or that it will give him a sore throat or that it's too much sugar as long as it's an occasional thing, I really wish he would show even half the excitement for any other edible thing that I present to him. I've spent the last week cooking up all sorts of things for him, but no matter what it is (other than ice cream of course), it's met with the same reaction - a very dramatic and disgusted look while the aforementioned edible item is pushed out of his mouth as if it's Waterbury's Compound (the most evil of all compounds). Both Baggdu and I are putting on weight because we're constantly having to finish off everything that Vir is rejecting. Meanwhile, my ideals about how a kid should know the rules and eat what's on the table are crashing around me...I can see the tiny pieces. This is what a kid can do...wear you down to a point where you're willing to give him a cup full of sugar just so he'll eat something at all.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is the first time I feel like you are giving up! Come on girl - it's not the time for that yet. Kids go through these phases and it's worse for the moms than it is for anyone else. You kow what - maybe he is just bored with his surroundings or something. Bring him over to our house. Maybe the change of scenery will help. Better still, take him to a restaurant and order something for yourself and let him drool a bit. then give him something from your plate.

I could give you lots of free advice but different thigns work for different kids and I know that with a persistant mom like you, vir will soon learn what you are tying to reach him - eat the damn thing or you can stay hungry ;-)