Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So much going on...

I haven't had a chance to write about the many amazing things my little monster is up to these days because we've been in the middle of the madness of getting the house finished and moving in on very short notice. That's too bad, because he's up to so much these days and I feel like I'm going to "lose it" if I don't track it somewhere...that's the whole point of this blog anyway - to maintain a record of what Vir is up to...for family and friends and anyone else who may be interested, but perhaps most importantly for him. I want him to be able to read this when he grows up a little bit and know that everything he did and said was always important to us. So, in bullets, here are the highlights of achievements over the last few weeks:
  • He can now whistle like a pressure cooker
  • Say "car" (can you believe it, he has said his first words! I thought it was just gibberish when he said it at first, but "car" is officially is first word. He runs to the first car he sees downstairs screaming "" We're wondering where the Boston accent is coming from.)
  • Say "de de"
  • Rub his tummy on request
  • Pull your nose on request
  • Poke your eyes on request and sometimes even point to your lips
  • Do yoga and clap for himself
  • Fit blocks correctly one on top of the other (and then clap for himself)
  • Cover his eyes when you say "chup" - he wants to cover his lips but it never comes out right
  • Get into the strangest of the one today, when he crawled into a cardboard box with some of our moving stuff in it and couldn't get out. I caught him trying to climb out holding on to a nearby chair and putting his feet on the rim of the cardboard box.
  • Climb stairs. He runs to the door as soon as he sees or hears it open and makes a dash for the great outdoors. I'm wondering if he's trying to tell us something.
  • Very, very clearly communicate exactly what he wants...through a combination of pointing gestures, pointed looks, and extremely pointed and sharp shrieks.
  • Understand when I'm mad at him and act like he cares (when all he really cares about is doing the exact same thing I'm mad at him about again as soon as possible)

I get so frustrated with him sometimes for all his antics because he's always getting into things and causing trouble. But everytime I say something about how he's tiring me by making me run around after him all day cleaning up his mess, I say a little prayer thanking god that I have him to run after. I also secretly hope that god will be so impressed with me for this that he will teach Vir to put himself to bed at 8 every day. And I will watch a Friends marathon like in my previous life!

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Anonymous said...

absolutely love this picture! he's become such a big boy...u're right, he's off to college soon!