Friday, March 28, 2008

They really do look like angels when they sleep

He runs around like a maniac ALL day without stopping for even a second from one naughty thing to the next - pulling off table covers, emptying drawers, turning furniture over, picking up pieces of something or the other from the floor to eat, pulling books off shelves, trying to open name it. Of course, pretty much all of this stuff is not allowed and most of his attempts are thwarted by one of his constant followers (grandparents, me, Vijay). The only time he stops at all is to run to me to give me a hug or cling to my leg for a few seconds. It's as if he's refueling - on love and reassurance and comfort and just to make sure that despite everything he's doing that's making me yell at him, I still do love him. It's a brilliant feeling, this need he so openly expresses. The other time in the day that he absolutely cannot do without me is when he needs to sleep. Just now, he was completely tired out from running around all morning but just wouldn't stop enough to let himself acknowledge that he was sleepy. All of a sudden, in the middle of trying to open his box of wipes to empty it out, he broke into tears, came crawling over to me, found a place in my lap, and was asleep within literally 10-15 seconds. Honestly, this guy finds something new to melt me every single day.

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