Friday, March 7, 2008

Our first date

Weird as it seems, the last couple of nights have been the first time Vir and I have been absolutely alone together - no husband, no mother, no maid, no anyone else. I can't quite believe I've never been alone with him all day and night, but I can't remember any other time anyway. It's been extremely difficult and has made me question if I really want another kid right now, but it's also been fun. Vir requires constant constant constant attention, so it gets tiring. I'd probably have to call the neighbors to watch him if I need to go to the loo, which luckily, so far I have been able to plan so I haven't needed to do that. (We don't need to get into the details.)

Anyway, yesterday was fun...Vir and I went to the mall...there's a nice play area there that I thought he would enjoy. Or at least there used to be a play area. I discovered that they've taken it down now. So, we just roamed around the mall. We went to Bata to pick out a pair of sandals for him first. I tried a pair on him and put him down so he could walk. I guess they're fine because he walked right out of the store leaving me to pay hurriedly and run out too. Then, we went to a bookstore, which was a tonne of fun. Vir picked out two books for himself...he actually went to two particular books and got really excited about them, so I had to buy them. One is about a fire engine that goes "nee naw" and the other is about a duckling that goes "quack-quack." They both have sound, so all I've heard since then is neenaw quackquack nee quack naw quaaaaackkk neenawneenawneenaw. Nee naw.

We got an ice cream each (I'm all for the health food), and Vir couldn't believe his luck. He would barely finish one bite that he'd be screaming for the next one. I think he was worried I would eat it all.

Anyway, all this activity had tired him out a lot, which was the goal we started the day with. Anything to get him to sleep, because a sleeping baby is a sight for sore eyes. Especially my sore eyes after having run around after him all day. He was out flat in the car...I couldn't even keep him awake till we got home!

All in all, it was a good first date. I think he'll definitely call me again:-)


Anonymous said...

i'd definitely call you again too! except you never pick up the phone! tee heee... maybe that's coz u're too drunk! ;) Humpf!

magnoliasitter said...

Why was everybody away? I'm glad you had fun...and that you commented on my blog. I miss you.

magnoliasitter said...

Why don't you ever pick up your phone? I am sad.

Anonymous said...

Where was everyone? And where are the second thoughts coming from? Sweetheart - you are the only person I know who is so damn sure that a second kid needs to happen. Please don't let that change ;-) So, when are you finally moving?


Shilpa said...

Came here via Sis' blog (Bhavna) and I'm quite enjoying reading your blog. have heard about Vir from BB...he's even cuter than she described him!

Manika said...

Hey Shilpa! How are you? Thanks for saying nice things about my blog:-) He's a monster but I'm having fun with him!