Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Anyone need an interpreter?

This kid is either going to be super cool and multilingual, or completely confused. I talk to him in either English or Hindi. Vijay talks to him in Assamese. Mashui talks to him in Mizo. All three of us talk to him a lot. I'm waiting for him to start talking to see what mix of languages spews forth.

Yesterday, he learnt his first Mizo word - chibai, which means hello. It's the cutest thing...he reaches out his hand extremely professionally for you to shake if you say "Vir, chibai!" And he has also finally figured out how to wave bye, which in his case is a wide flailing of the arm from side to side, in case you're not getting the point - B...Y...E...E...E!

The next thing on the cards, which I think he has almost learnt but not quite is a high five. Yikes, I really am one of those moms who expects too much out of a little one, and then will show off to bored friends all the new things he can do. I should be ashamed of myself.

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