Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A cow says boo

Me: Vir, can you give me a kissie?
Vir: Ptchaah!

Me: Vir, a cow says...?
Vir: Boooo (I know it's mooo, but it always comes out booo, mommy).

This is obviously hugely entertaining for me, and I've never been good at knowing where to stop. So, 1000 times later.
Me: Vir, a cow says...?
Vir: Ptchaah, booooo (now leave me the hell alone, woman!)

1 comment:

Devika said...

came in the hope i'd get a few laughs, and that i sure did!!! Sigh - if only u'd write more often...even these few snippets. With Vir growing up so fast and making life so exciting - me thinks we cant really wait for these monthly updates! Am going to start an orkut community that demands these long-awaited monthly updates become weekly ones! So there!! Please Vir's mommy, take ameliorative action - FAST! Look - Vir just did something new that needs acknowledgment - NOW!!!!! ;)