Monday, December 17, 2007

Headbanger in the house

We should have seen this coming! Vir has always responded really well to music. When he was less than a month old, he had a clear preference for two songs out of the list on my cell phone - Angel Eyes by Raghvan or Rahul something (I may have the name wrong, but I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the number of times he has helped calm a crazy, colicky monster) and Build Me Up, Buttercup from the movie, There's Something About Mary. No other song would do. These two were the answer to everything - make him sleep, calm him down, make him have his milk, distract him during his shots... you name it. Everyone in the family can now sing these two songs in their sleep.

I guess this was the beginning of the latest new thing in his life - dancing! He's not selective about his music anymore. Anything will do - from the infuriating Fisher Price lady who carries on endlessly about itsy bitsy spiders, to music in TV ads and of course, to pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, indipop, trance, and everything in between. He started off with a little rocking of his head in response to any rhythm and has now expanded his dance steps to include full scale headbanging, butt shaking, random arm swaying, and also the only dance "step" his mother knows - shifting his weight from one leg to the other and swaying along! Of course, the type of dance doesn't have to match to the type of music resulting in super funny combinations, such as the latest headbanging to Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. He's also probably the only one ever to think that headbanging and Leonard Cohen go well together. Watching him do it though - they really do!

I don't know if he just has music in his blood, or if all babies do it - just that it never fails to make me laugh!

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