Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My new project

I went out with my mom today and bought some nice blue wool to knit a sweater for Vir today. This is my ambitious new project. Mom bought some red wool for him. I think she'll finish hers before I do, because, if history is anything to go by, I will lose my enthusiasm and the sweater will be done three years from now. Given that it's for Vir though, I might just finish soon. I will be sure to post pictures to report progress:-). All this just so when Vir grows up and asks if I ever made anything for him (like I ask my mom), I can honestly say yes!

1 comment:

Mermaid said...

Good luck honey! You've been a very concientious mom so far and 'am sure the woolies will be ready just in time for the winter :-)

PS: While you are at it, can you make one for Samya too ;-)