Monday, October 1, 2007

8 Months!

Yay! We're at the 8 month mark! I'm in Dehradun today, so we're celebrating the occasion with nana and nani. Vijay, mummy, and papa are contributing to this list as I'm typing. So, here goes:

  • Crawl much more neatly than last month, though not fully yet.
  • Get himself from lying on his tummy to sitting (with some struggle).
  • Pull himself up to standing from sitting.
  • Say blah blah blah and tla tla tla.
  • Say mamamama predictably every time he is sleepy or hungry (I suspect he knows what it means!)
  • Eat a biscuit by himself, though the last one I gave him mysteriously found it's way into his diaper.
  • Tell us, in no uncertain terms, when he is not happy. He could always do that, I guess, but the manner is really funny now!
  • Recognize his nana and nani and feel super confortable with them. I think he even knows his Dehradun house now because he doesn't seem to feel new here at all.
  • Demonstrate his love for chocolate by lunging towards the piece his nani dangles in front of him despite all obstacles.

I'm waiting to be able to write that he has teeth in the next update. I can feel his lower gum becoming a little more hope we're almost there.

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