Monday, October 8, 2007


Mom and I were sitting in the drawing room last evening, and Vir was hanging out on the carpet, when all of a sudden, he spotted Khushi's balloon lying in the dining room. Normally, he half crawls-half creeps on his tummy to get wherever he wants to go. But this time, he just got on his hands and knees and started off - crawled properly with full speed and without falling on his tummy even once. It was so wonderful to see him heading out into the open to explore the big, open dining room without a moment's hesitation! I measured the distance later - it was a fully 12 grown up steps.

I'm amazed not so much that he can crawl, but that we were witness to this amazing process of trying and practicing and falling and getting up and failing and succeeding over the last few days till, finally, something clicked, and he just knew what to do and went ahead and did it.

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