Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's starting to pay his rent!

An exciting development to report! Yesterday, my little to-do diary was lying on the dining table and I was sitting on the couch feeling too lazy to get up and get it (what does that say for the to-do's in my book?) Anyway, Vir happened to be toddling by so I asked him to pick up mummy's diary from the table and bring it over. He looked a little confused - diary being one of those words he hadn't encountered before, but to his credit, he looked sincerely at everything on the table trying to piece together what a "diary" might be. No luck though, so he looked back helplessly at me. A little more maternal guidance, maternal finger pointing towards diary, and urgency in maternal voice did the trick. He spotted the diary, comprehension dawned, and goal!

Imagine the possibilities! I may even get him to open the diary and take care of the to-do's in the annoying little thing soon.

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