Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bada bhai in the making

I know I always say this, but honestly this time I've taken the cake in not updating this blog. And it's worse this time because these last two months have been so eventful for Vir. He had his second birthday, took a long trip to see his grandparents in Guwahati, and started school! And he has started talking NON STOP. I'm amazed at how much he has to say...he has a comment on pretty much everything in his little life and also in most others' lives! So all in all...I guess I have a lot to write about. I hope you know, Vir, that this has nothing to do with your level of importance in the house and everything to do with the fact that if I've had any time in the past two months at all, I've used it to do slightly more urgent things like take a shower, or go to the loo. Things are settled now and I have a little more time before craziness descends again...which is going to happen in less than two months. Yikes. Little does he know how his life is about to change! He parrots his answers to our questions with a lot of confidence, but I'm sure when we show up at home with a baby that invades his precious space, he won't be very enthusiastic. I hope it's better than I'm imagining, but I guess we'll just wait and see. Right now, this is what he believes:
Me: Vir, what's inside mom's tummy?
Vir: Chota baby (little baby)
Me: Where will the baby come from?
Vir: Doctor Aunty dengi (the doctor will give it)
Me: What will you say to her?
Vir: Thank you!
Me: What are you of the little baby's?
Vir: Bada bhai (big brother)
Me: What will you do with the little baby?
Vir: Chota baby ka dhyaaaaaan rakhega (I'll take care of the little baby),
car mein drive pe le ke jaayega (I'll take him for a drive), aur pyaar karega
(I'll love him).
Me: And what will the baby bring you?
Vir: A present! Cars! Black and yellow cars!
So apparently, the baby will come out of my uterus clutching two cars in his or her hands! If that's what it takes to make sure the baby is welcomed, I think I'll accept it!

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