Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Big Brother

Me: Vir, what's inside mom's tummy?
Vir: A little baby
Me: Do you want a little baby?
Vir: No. Biiiiiike
Me: No, I'm asking you if you want a little baby, not a bike!
Vir: Biiiiikeeee. Biiiikeeee. Biiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkeee.

We think he wants a bike.


Jhumur Buragohain said...

hi manika!
jus going thro ur blog now....vir is one cutiepie....keep bloggin!

Manika said...

Thank you:-)

Anonymous said...

Well, clearly he has made his preferance known! any chance you and Vijay could convert that baby into a bike? ;-)

Flaneurbanite said...

You should have asked him earlier! ;-)