Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Doctor's Toys

We had a really fun evening at Shroopie's yesterday. Vir had such a blast and tired himself out so much that he's pretty much been sleeping since then. Not caring about any social graces, he proceeded to thoroughly recce each cupboard and shelf in her room and then the entire house as soon as he got in. His expeditions led to many great discoveries...mostly toys, least expected in the room of a soon to be doctoral degree holder. There were several blocks, a duck, a monkey, a kuala bear, a basketball, and a contraption to shoot blow darts with. Why didn't someone tell him about this place before?! The added benefit was that masi and nani were both much more willing than mom ever is to humor him and let him dig his nose into all the carefully arranged things in the house. Even nana didn't say a word when Vir casually interrupted his golf game on TV, changed the channel to music (thankfully, this is still unintentional! What will we do when he knows how to change channels?) and did a little jig. Vir also found his way to the kitchen, where all the action seemed to be, and casually chatted up Mithilesh bhaiya as he made rotis. It always pays to be on good terms with the chef.

He's lucky to have so many people to love him and be happy to have his antics in their house...I just hope he realizes that when he starts growing up. Meanwhile, I'm sure he's waiting for his next visit to this magical place where they don't seem to have heard the word "no" and there are toys in every drawer!