Monday, February 4, 2008

12 months!

He's sleeping now (yes, really!) so I can finally get around to writing about what my monkey of a kid can now do. The list isn't long, but it's pretty significant!
  • WALK!!! He took his first 3 steps on the 28th of Jan, just 3 days before his birthday. The first time he did it, he just walked a little on the bed. Later that evening, I was sitting at the table doing something or the other when I heard little footsteps - and there he was...making his way all the way across from the dining chair to his high chair which is at least 7 baby steps away. Yipee. Now that he knows this makes us happy, it's all he does all day. He can basically walk to whatever his goal destination is, no matter how far across the room. Of course he only aims for things that aren't too far away, and is constantly re-estimating the distance and changing his goal if it seems unachievable. Also, he lunges at the goal towards the end instead of actually taking the last three steps with a big smile on his devil may care face.
  • Throw tantrums. That's right - the inevitable has happened. I'll never know how, but he has figured out that sometimes, throwing yourself on the floor and crying bloody murder may get you what you want. I'm trying my best not to give in at all to this display of baby emotion, but I can tell you it's difficult. The temper tantrums are also invoked when things aren't going his way in general - for instance when he's trying to turn on the light and just can't hit the switch in the right place. What does he want me to do about that?

So he's finally hit the big 12 month mark. This year has been the most amazing, tiring, frustrating, happy, introspective, and life changing year that we'll probably ever have. Vijay and I are better and happier people because of it, and we wouldn't trade a minute of the experience for anything. Now if only, we could go watch a movie like the old times just this once:-)

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