Friday, November 26, 2010

Well it is thingsgiving after all

We've had a super crazy week so far because both the kids got sick at the same time and when kids get sick, crazy begins. The week has been a blur of ER visits, high and never ending fevers, hopping visits and long waits at pharmacies, and lots of doses of lots of medicines. Luckily, we're not dealing with anything more serious than the flu and though the kids are miserable and so are we, all in all we're all okay and have a lot to be thankful for.

For one moment last night I realized that things were perfect: we were back from the ER, the kids had been given their medication and were asleep with no fevers, Vijay was getting them to bed, and I was sitting in my bed with a new, unopened MacBook (my new prized possession on which I now sit and type and which is a present from dear husband and brother in an effort to get me to write more!) on my lap and a piece of really good chocolate in my hand. For that moment, I give thanks and more thanks.

While we're talking about thanksgiving, Vir is really worried about today. He thinks that since it's thingsgiving day, someone is going to swoop into the house at some point and ask him to give away his things. So every so often during the day, he's been coming up to me and whining, "....but mamma....I don't want to give away my things. I want to keep my toys. I only want to give my toys to myself. I don't waaaannnaaa...!" The mean mom in me hasn't told him that no one is coming to take his stuff away. I've just been nodding noncommittally and saying "It's okay's always nice to share, isn't it?" You should see the panic in his eyes when I say that!

Yes, I know I'll probably go to hell.


Bhavna said...

You got a new mac! I'll come and poke at the screen with my finger :D

Hugs and love to the kids. Hope they feel better soon.

Shilpa Bhatnagar said...

Hahahaha! Vir is the cutest.
Congratulations on the new Mac! I agree with your husband and brother and as I've said to you before - you SHOULD write more! Now just don't sit "ON" the mac too much or you won't be able to do that after a while ;-)

(I can be evil too!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Wait till I try and snatch that piece of chocolate from your hand!! Lets see you be all sharing and caring then!! Heheheheh!

Manika said...

Bhavna! Your beautifully manicured nails are coming nowhere near my little beauty!

Shilpa, oh no!! Now there's an error on my post that I can't even edit away :-)

And ms anonymous, I know who you are and where you live and all the chocolates that are always to be found in that fridge of yours.