Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girly Girl

So it looks like my daughter is going to beat the odds presented by having me as a mother and be girly after all! Anyone who knows me is quite familiar with my never changing jeans and t-shirt "outfits" and is always surprised by my once-in-a-while-burst-of-femininity-wearing-of-dangly-earrings. And it's not by design, but just because that Tara also has more jeans than dresses. I'm going to be forced to shop differently for her though, because this little one already knows what she likes and what makes her look pretty as she's twirling around showing herself off! It's amazing that she knows without me pointing it out when something in her outfit is new...even if it's just a t-shirt or onesie. She goes right up to her dad to show it off as soon as she's done being dressed...complete with the little twirl, sideways tilt, and lifting on toes!

And you know what else is girly? She offers food and water to her dolls, pats them lovingly, and puts them off to sleep. In all his almost 4 years, Vir has never thought to feed anyone! It's really interesting to see the differences in them emerge this way. Of course, there's lots of non girly stuff in my grubby little toddler as well. The trail of mess and destruction that she leaves behind her wherever she walks, the way she manages to look dirty as soon as she's out of her bath, the way she zooms her cars and kut kut kuts her helicopters, and of course the farting and snorting!

Part girly and mother-y and showoffy and part grubby and dirty and boy-ey, she's definitely turning out to be one of a kind. And adding a one of a kind flavor to our days. If I haven't said this already, I've thought it a hundred times...I just can't have enough of this little one. Don't tell her I said that though...she thinks enough of herself as it is:-)

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