Friday, December 3, 2010

Titanic was on TV the other day and we made the mistake of not changing the channel with Vir in the room, so he ended up watching it a little bit. And given that he's hugely fascinated with cruise ships these days because we see a lot of them go by our window which is right on the water (oh my God it's really awesome and I can never quite get used to the fact that I really do live on-the-water!), I guess he really paid attention to the movie. I didn't realize this till he started asking me questions that I wasn't really sure how to answer. God bless his little child's brain though, because here's how our conversation went:

Vir: Mamma, do you know the Titanic?
Me: Yes, I know about that (playing it safe so far)
Vir: It was on the Atlantic Ocean...and it was going to park right by the Intrepid 
Me: That's right! Who told you all that? 
Vir: Papa did. And do you know a big iceberd hit the Titanic?
Me: Yes (oops, don't like where this is headed)
Vir: Then what happened?
Me: (No idea what to do, so try to stick with the truth given general parenting philosophy) The ship broke and went into the ocean, Vir.
Vir: So did the people on the ship meet Spongebob Squarepants when they went down into the ocean?

Gulp and thankful sigh! I would have had no idea how to handle this conversation if it had taken a more serious turn. What a good thing Spongebob lives in the ocean, eh?

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Anonymous said...

God Bless him!!! It IS a BEAUTIFUL life, isn't it? :)