Saturday, May 8, 2010

One of life's big questions

Me: Vir, do you want to say thank you to God before you go to sleep?
Vir: Thank you God for my family. Thank you for the food I eat. Thank you for the museum. Thank you for Tara's birthday.
Me: Is there anything else?
Vir: No.
Me: What about your new sunglasses?
Vir: Thank you for my sunglasses.
Me: Anything else?
Vir: Thank you for my potty and susu.
Me: Okay Vir.
Vir: Mamma...bhagwanji potty aur susu bhi dete hain?
Me: ...(wondering how to take this forward)
Vir: Dete hain?
Me: Okay...haan Vir, bhagwanji dete hain.
Vir: Toh phir woh itna smelly kyun hota hai?
Note to God: this one's for you. Please respond:-)

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