Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fuzzy little snuggle puppy

Ever since Vir has started to spend more time at school, I've started to spend so much more time with Tara. Oddly or not, I haven't really ever spent quality time with her until now because my attention has always been divided between the two with a pretty heavy bias towards you know who. (Tara, if you happen to read this when you grow up, please know that this was never intentional. Maybe one day you'll have two kids and then you'll know what I mean about the second one. Your nani tried to tell me the same thing about me, but I never quite believed her until I had you!)

Anyway, the point is that now that we're spending a lot more time together, I'm even more blown away by how stupendously cute this little one is. She just takes my breath away. She always wakes up with a smile - for me and anyone else she happens to meet. She just loves to laze around in bed once she's awake rolling all over the place and snuggling into any corner of me that she can find. Even when I get her out of bed, she waits patiently for what she knows is coming - her favorite cheerios in a bowl that she can then spend the next half hour patiently munching as she readies herself for her day, thinking about all the must be done. The patience has a limit of course...if I don't give her some munchies soon enough, she gets pretty dramatic about reminding me by throwing her head all the way forward and screaming bloody murder. As long as she's well fed though, she's super pleasant. She plays around by herself for so long that I begin to miss her sometimes. But all I have to do to get her attention is to open the dishwasher. Or the bathroom door. She will literally show up from any corner of the house for either of these things. And if I catch her going towards one of these things, or towards a plug point, or the humidifier, which she loves with a passion, she quickly picks up her pace in a mad dash to get to her destination before I get to her. I actually feel bad stopping her from going into the loo because I want her to have that successful mad dash and the thrill of making it before I do! She's super fun to talk to now as well...she says ah-haa more beautifully than anyone else I know. That's the limit of her vocabulary for now, but we're working on it. She almost says dudu as well...I'm pretty sure I wasn't mistaken when I heard her say that. I'll report as it happens!

I had completely forgotten what fun almost one year olds are...with so much to explore and do and learn and play and munch and smile about. There's a book I'm reading to her these days in which the protagonist is a fuzzy little snnuggle puppy. I can tell you, she's it! The book has totally been written for her:-) 

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