Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First splashes

There's a small window of time in a baby's life when he or she enjoys splashing water because splashing water is fun, not because creating more work for your frustrated mother by splashing water is fun. There's a big difference if you're that frustrated mother.

After months of just sitting in her tub slightly dumbly while I give her a bath, Tara has finally figured out that water is huge amounts of fun. She seemed to get it in one big flash this afternoon when, after maybe one or two tentative little splashes, she went all out in the bathtub. I had a pretty overexcited and aggressive little baby in the tub after that!

This is very exciting for me. I can now go out and get bath toys and bubbles all over again! I really miss that...of course, I stopped doing that for Vir more than a year ago because fun as it may be for him to watch my face when I walk into a totally drenched bathroom, cleaning that up is just not my favorite thing to do. So Tara, enjoy this while you can, because with a mother like me and a baby like you (I know you're going to be no angel in the bathtub a year from now), it's not likely to last!

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