Monday, September 29, 2008

A Turkey is a Silly Bird

My neice and nephew had taught me a cute little rhyme a few months ago. It goes like this:

A turkey is a silly bird
whose head goes wobble wobble
It only knows this one word
gobble gobble gobble!

Anyway, I was entertaining the brat a couple of days ago, and remembered this rhyme. So, I sang it to him a couple of times. Mild diversion followed by end of story...or so I thought till he came running up urgently to me just now saying..."mamma...takki...takkkki...gobbal...gobbal...takkkkiii." A middle of the afternoon urgent song request, as it turned out. I've now repeated this rhyme about 50 times already and something tells me it will be buzzing annoyingly in the back of my head for a few weeks to come at least!


Bhavna said...

As I understood from our last telephonic conversation, there are some images residing in your camera. 'Can you help me understand' why they haven't been down/up-loaded as yet and I haven't seen them on this blog?

Looking forward to a quick response. Thanks!

;-)deja vu', by any chance?

Anonymous said...

and why may i ask has it been awfully quiet around here??? I demand my pound of flesh!!! Please update Vir's blog pronto!