Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trying to hold a conversation!

I taught Vir to respond to the question "tu kaisa hai" (how are you?) by saying "theek hun" (I'm fine) and he says it ever so cutely. But what's even cuter is that he already knows the difference between English and Hindi, because when I asked him the same question in English, he decided to answer me in English even though he had no clue what I wanted to know. So, our meaningful conversation went like this:

Me: Vir, how are you?
Vir: pausing to think, "Hello."

I laughed so much that now he thinks I was making fun of him and refuses to repeat the performance!

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Bhavna said...

I am very proud of Vir Singh! Specially given that he is being bombarded by Assamese, English, Hindi, and quite possibly Punjabi too ;-)