Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ramdev ji, watch me go!

This is definitely much needed given my son's hyperactivity, but more than that it's just hilarious! Teta (my father in law) spent a few days with us recently, and Vir enjoyed that very much. He would wake up asking for "Kocha" (Vir's name for his granddad) and even now tends to run off to the guest room looking for him when he wakes up. He would watch teta do his Prananyam exercises (yogic breathing exercises popularized by the guru in the title) with much interest. Luckily, that paid off, because now when you ask him how Pranayam is done, he starts breathing out strongly and shakes his entire torso and head up and down with a huge grin on his face. I think Ramdevji would have a few tips for him on his technique, but noone can doubt his enthusiasm for this boring old form of exercise! Jogged by this, I have even taught him how to meditate. On request, he now closes his eyes for all of two seconds and hums "mmmmmmm." Thus calmed, he then proceeds to jump off the bed, on to Baggdu's head and off to throw a toy from the balcony.

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