Sunday, July 1, 2007

5 Months!

At this rate, I'll be writing the 12-month update before I know it! Here we go with th 5-month list of achievements:
  • He can now eat solids!!! So far, he has tasted cerelac and bananas

  • Determine and communicate, very effectively, that he hates cerelac and loves bananas

  • Drink water from a glass

  • Stay on his stomach for 15-20 minutes, and know when to rest his head at regular intervals in between

  • Bear weight on his legs and "stand" when being supported under his shoulders

  • Laugh loudly and enjoy himself when he's being swung in the air and complain when the fun stops

  • Lift his butt in the air when lying on his tummy and try to propel himself forward, mostly unsuccessfully

  • Communicate in many, many tones of voice, including a low sing-song tone that he uses when he's totally contented with the way life is working out

  • Poop in a baby potty - has only done this once but gives me hope that he's on his way to poopy independence

  • Say mama (see below!)

1 comment:

Bhavna said...

My my...not only is he doing extremely well for a 5 month old, he has actually started displaying competencies for a 6 month old! ;-)

This snap is the cutest - are you sure that... (guess the rest of the comment, or call me up to ask!)