Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food, sleep, and other life choices

It's been forever since I posted here. So much has been going on. Vir has started solids and been experimenting with different cuisines. Or, in his case, just a series or pureed fruits, cereals, and dals! He loves bananas and anything with bananas in it. He hates plain cereal. Wheat apple cereal has been better accepted. Dal has not. Today we tried pureed peaches - very successful. I don't understand how he likes that though - it tasted evil. He'll know what I mean when he tries the real thing instead of that horrible colored thing out of the Gerber jar!

I went back and forth a lot about whether to try off-the-shelf food or not. But, we have to go out of town soon, and I'd rather he tries out some ready made options now, so he can digest stuff in an emergency. Also, in the spirit of making him tough and ready for the world, I'd like to try out a bunch of different things so his stomach doesn't learn to become too sensitive.

If only I could teach him to have formula though. He HATES the stuff. Rejects it completely from a mile away. I tried it in a bottle, a spoon, a glass, his sipper, my finger - everything. The response I get each time is a violent flinging of his whole self in a random direction away from the source of the formula. Sigh. You win some you lose some, I guess. This one, I have definitely lost.

The other big thing that has happened is that I have started working again. I'm working from home for a few hours a day, which is really nice for my sanity. It also means I'm having to mould Vir's routine to my new one - quite a task, that. So far, the going has been decent with a few hiccups. His morning wake-up time, for instance, is suddenly much earlier than I would like. Just when you think something is carved in stone, he breaks the stone.

What else - I bought him a little kurta pyjama from Fab India to wear at Vijay's brother's wedding. It's too big, but luckily, Fab India stuff shrinks. He will look so cute in that...can't wait to see him and put up pictures here. I love shopping for him. In fact, I can't remember the last time I browsed through a grown up clothes store for stuff for me.

Alright - more later. This is all I have time for now. I really hope I can post his 6-month update in time. I may not have internet access. I will be living like the other half. Plonk.

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