Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mataji and Pitaji

Another huge development to report! Vir said mama!!! He doesn't know what it means yet - he can just say the "m" sound and that, combined with his crying sound, sometimes makes mama. Or mamamama. But I only focus on the first two times he says it. Mama. I think that's one of the best sounds in the world coming from him!

Vijay has been trying to figure out, since before Vir was born, what he wants to be called by his kid. There are so many choices - there's Teta, which is what he calls his dad. But, really, there can be only one teta, so that just sounds weird when referring to Vijay. Then there's Deota, which is the Assamese word for father. He thinks it's nice but a little too high and mighty. Then there's papa, which is in the running, but a little behind for some reason. I think Vijay's not used to it and doesn't like it much. Other options are Dad, daddy, pop, pater, father, deta, and pitaji. When you think about it, it's quite a challenge to pick the one thing you want to be called by the people you're going to end up loving the most and thinking about almost all the time. He needs to decide quickly though; time is running out - Vir will be talking soon at the rate he's going!

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