Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Three Months!

Yay! Vir is three months today. Q1 of his life is officially over. Planning for Q2 has begun. He's super friendly now, and is loads of fun. Let's see...he can now do the following:

  • Recognize me, and I think, recognize Vijay

  • Give Vijay a huge smile and lots of gurgling when he gets back from work

  • Wake up happy in the morning and gurgle at me for a bit

  • Squeal in delight

  • Express himself in at least 20 different tones of voice

  • Concentrate on small objects

  • Express his preference for sitting propped up on my lap rather than lying down so he can see things the right way up

  • Gather up the front of his shirt and stuff it in his mouth

  • Grab and object if you place it on his chest and take it to his mouth

  • Suck either one or both of his hands for a really long time!

So, lot's of progress, as you can see:-). I wonder what this list will have on it next month!

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