Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I can say Koka

Vir met his grandfather again. Put up a really good show too. Though he can't say 'koka' (the assamese word for granddad) yet, I think he really wants to:-) It was nice to see them spend time together. I got some great pictures. Teta says he's lucky to have seen his grandson in his lifetime. I think it's the other way round. Vir is very, very lucky to have had all his grandparents waiting right outside the operation theater where he was born. Right after he met me, he met his dad, nani, nana, aita, and koka. Who can beat that?!

The other big, no - huge - thing that happened since I last posted - Vir can now roll over on to his tummy all by himself! (ta-daaah!) That happened on the 8th of May for the first time, and now it's almost a daily thing. I'd like to say he loves to do it, but it's really more of an accident most of the time when he's turning his head in all directions in the hope of finding some milk. He actually hates it since he gets his arm stuck under his tummy when he rolls over and doesn't know what to do about it except lie there with a really sad expression on his face till I yank his arm out and roll him back over. I'm worried that his arm and chest muscles won't be strong enough if he doesn't spend enough time on his tummy. Teta says I'm expecting too much out of a three month old. That may be true, I suspect. Anyway, will update this space as more happens!

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