Sunday, April 1, 2007

2 Months!

Vir completed 2 months yesterday. This is probably the fastest growth he is ever going to many new things in just two months. Let's see...he can now do the following:

  • Focus on a face, or his toys - even the small ones

  • Follow movement and turn his head accordingly from one side to another, though not always all the way through

  • Smile wide

  • Say "oooo," "aaaa," and "aggggooo"

  • Squeal in delight - sometimes

  • Laugh a little - sometimes

  • Raise his voice when he feels ignored or generally wants to complain

  • Raise his head about 60 degrees when he's on his tummy

  • Turn to his side himself when laid on his back

  • Push his legs against a surface and move himself forward

  • Recognize sound (like his favorite song!)

  • Recognize when I pick him up (I think)

So that's a tonne of new stuff:-) I'm so proud of him.

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