Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back in Gurgaon

It's been almost two weeks since we returned to Gurgaon. Prety crazy hectic, since this is the first time I was left all alone with Vir! I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to handle everything, and I almost didn't...but it all worked out I guess. Now, I have somewhat of a routine with him and all the stuff that needs to get done around the house. I'm becoming quite the homemaker and mother - two roles I had never imagined for myself.

Vir is awesome - more and more so everyday. He is so much more talkative and alert now than even two weeks ago. My mom came two days ago to visit and help me since Vijay is out of town. She says he has changed a lot. He is also balder now than he was. I wonder if I should be worried about him losing hair. They say it's pretty normal but his head is quite patchy now. I don't have any new pictures, unfortunately, since my camera has decided to die on me. I do have some on my phone, so I guess I'll put those up here soon. Not as great, quality wise, but who cares when your subject is so cute!

Vir held my finger, voluntarily, for the first time a couple of days ago - on the 20th of April to be precise! It was so wonderful to know that he actually wanted to hold my hand. Well, maybe I carried that too far. He just wanted to hold "a" finger that happened to be dangling nearby. Pretty special nevertheless!!

Everything he can get hold of these days goes straight into his mouth - his hands, his clothes, his blanket, his toys, my hands! I got a picture of him trying to eat a ball yesterday.

I really have to post here more often so I don't lose track of everything. Now that I have my act together a little bit, I'll try!

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midnightsky said...

While Mani was busy with Vir in Gurgaon, I was in Atlanta for a week to attend a conference. I had just one evening to do some shopping for Vir. I went crazy. There were some essentials that Mani wanted me to buy. Things like wipes, diapers and onesies. Oh! the other thing that Mani wanted me to buy for him was the Fisher-Price Tropical Rain Forest. But I went crazy, I bought him so many clothes. The favorite one was a white onsies which said 'Don't wake me! I'll wake you!!' Infact, I got another one that said "I have no issues. Just testing you...". This one did not have the right size. I think I ended up buying about 18 clothes in all, including the essential ones. But it was very nice!! The funny thing is I did not buy or rather did not even think of buying anything for myself or Mani. I, however, did buy something for Mani from the duty free shops in London.