Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Erm...Belated Happy Birthday, Vir

I've already made my excuses for not writing for so long on this space (see post below). Things are the same...oh, except my maid went away, so they're a tad crazier even. I did promise myself though that I'd write Vir's birthday post within the month of Feb so that I could say his birthday was last month. It's so much sillier to say it was last to last month, right? So now that it's February 29th (whoever designed this calendar leap year thing did me a favor and didn't even know it), I think I'm running out of time.
So his birthday came and went. That's putting it very simply and not doing justice to the agonizing months, weeks, and days that he spent waiting for his special day that was to be filled with cakes and presents and presents and presents. In Vir's 4 year old mind, the day he turned 5, everything would change...he would have everything he ever wanted - race tracks, millions of Hotwheels cars, Disney, of course, a party, balloons, a Chota Bheem cake, and all sorts of other happy stuff. Oh and the love and respect of all other older children on the school bus. After all, 4 year olds are babies. But not 5 year olds. 5 is the big league.

I'm happy to report that though we kept it relatively small, he did end up having a really good day. He was swimming in birthday presents and his friends and his cake did everything to make him feel special.

Of course, I also took the opportunity to drive home the point that life really does change the minute you turn 5 - you have to start eating every meal all by yourself, getting up sharp at 7:00 to get ready for school, and clean up your room all by yourself every day. Also, under no circumstances can you ever whine or cry as a 5 year old because that's totally unheard of, don't you know? Yeah...he believed me and it was good while it lasted. We had two really good days.

Honestly, 5 is such a great number. He's such a little boy now...not a toddler, not a preschooler, but a school going boy. Filled with mischief and crazy ideas and stories and misinformation and half baked truths and convoluted explanations and fantasies.

He's my little baby, who needs me every time something goes wrong and is miserable when I'm mad at him. He's his dad's little follower who made it a habit to run as fast as he could wherever he wanted to go, even if it was from one room to another within the house when Vijay completed the half marathon so he could be just like papa. He's the evil big brother who terrifies Tara by telling her that haircuts hurt a lot, that Bombay is filled with dinosaurs, and that mom has gone away and the lady who just walked into the room is someone else who just looks like mom.

Part baby and part big boy, part innocent and part worldly wise, part frustrating and big part lovable - our son has turned 5 in the blink of an eye and is well on his way to the next big phase of life as a schoolboy.

He does keep threatening to leave us and move to another family whenever we don't allow him TV or when we're being generally annoying, and has even offered to sell me to a friend in exchange for a nicer mom, but we'll pass that off as a heat of the moment thing. He knows we love him madly and thankfully, at 5, he has no problems showing us what we mean to him either.

P.S: Happy Birthday, little one. We're loving every moment.

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