Monday, January 9, 2012

Where is everybody?

Still very much here. When my kids grow up and read all about themselves, they'll wonder what they were up to during the long periods of silence on this blog. To them I will say - when you grow up and get married and have two brats of your own and a job and a house and a maid who keeps threatening to quit and then finally leaves and a mostly harmless dog and road trips to the gramps and cold, cold winters and lots of laundry that just won't dry - try to write a blog and try to be regular about it.

Only, I'll say this with a very pleasant tone. I might even smile fondly at my memories, while holding a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a favorite piece of fiction in the other. Becase this crazy time will then be in the past. Sigh.

Till then - irregular, yes. Crazy, yes. On the verge of nervous breakdown because kids holidays have lasted too long, yes. On the whole, very happy with how life is going, hell yes.


Shruti said...

How can anyone maintain sanity with 2 kids ? :-) its a sweet hell... which deprives one (mostly mothers and rarely fathers, as they are hardly there) of their sanity!

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