Friday, March 18, 2011

Where does he get this stuff?

Vir: Mamma, do you know how to dance? 
Me: Yes. Why do you ask?
Vir: You know, you have to dance to get married.
Me: Really?
Vir: Ya, that's how you get married. 
Me: By dancing?
Vir: Yes, by dancing. That's how. And there's a princess who teaches you to dance if you don't know how to dance. 

Marriage is quite the theme of discussion these days. Here's another conversation:

Vijay (to me): Hey, we have to go that wedding this weekend, remember?
Vir: Is it my wedding?
Me: No, Vir. 
Vir: Why?
Me: Not yet. One day many years later, you'll find someone to marry and then it will be your wedding.
Vir: I will marry Tara.
Me: No Vir, she's your sister. You'll find someone else because sisters are different from wives.
Vir: Then I won't marry anyone. I'll just stay in Vatika City always. 

And another one:

Vir: Mamma, I miss Mamta didi (was the maid who worked with us when Vir was 2)
Me: Yes, Vir. I know that. (So do I!!)
Vir: Why did she have to go away? Did you fire her? (really need to start watching what I say in front of him)
Me: Umm (gulp). Yes, but she needed to go to her house anyway because she had to get married.
Vir: So why did she have to go away if she had to get married?
Me: Because sometimes when you get married, you need to go to a different house. 
Vir (from the bottom of his heart): Mamma, marriage is so unfair. 


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