Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tara Gogoi Goes to Preschool!

I know. She's not even two. You'd think from the way she's taking it though that she's been doing this forever and totally has it down. I signed her up for a two hour a day play school sort of thing near our house since I'm thinking of getting back to work and need her to get a little more used to being out and away from me. Knowing her though, I wasn't even worried that it's too soon. She's ready to be out and to meet more people and socialize. The limited pool of people she has to spread her magic within the house just doesn't cut it anymore. And sure enough, she just walked right into school and involved herself in everything that was going on despite the chaos and newness of it all. Yesterday, which was day one, I waited around near the office thinking I'll hear her crying any minute and will take her home since it might be too much to expect her to spend two hours there all at once. I waited two hours and the only time she cried was when I finally tried to take her home!

Back at home, Vir was extremely concerned that Tara now has to go to the big black hole called school and kept asking me if she was crying all the time at school. He can't comprehend that she really doesn't mind leaving me for a while.

I know she could throw me for a loop any minute (probably tomorrow since I've jinxed this by telling the internet all about it) and start screaming bloody murder at the sight of the school building, but for now I'm just so thankful that this has been so easy for her and for me. It's so great that she just handles things in her own little independent way and makes a place for herself wherever she goes. I hope she stays like this, and something tells me she will!


realritu said...

Hey, This is my first comment though I been silent admirer of your writing skills for quite some time. I too live in gurgaon, nirvana country, close to your place Vatika city and have two kids, almost same age as you have and I have ditto experiences with them...when I say ditto...its DITTO...sometimes its scary to read your thoughts on web when you really didnt tell know what I daughter...who is also not yet two...has recently going to play school...this DITTO:)) this is only one example. Well...just wanted to tell you...I love reading your must be used to listen this...but today I just had to tell you this after reading"Parenting is tough". See you around!

Manika said...


Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing! I'm certainly not used to it and it totally makes my day:-)

Isn't it funny how the second ones seem to be so similar?!